Welcome to our site! We have the pleasure to reveal you a world of tradition, a craftsmanship preserved for thousands of years and passed on from generation to generation, as well as the spectacular handmade products manufactured in genuine ceramic workshops. Visit us on Amazon and buy these handmade masterpieces, the mug and the candle stick, to feel the touch of tradition.

“It takes an endless amount of history to make even a little tradition” – Henry James, writer

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We, at CB Trading, have committed ourselves to rediscover and promote this craft and the spectacular works that come out of the hands of craftsmen. By exposing these products and disseminating information about this place we are convinced that we can help keep the continuation of tradition.


Our story started 1 year ago after visiting a ceramic workshop in Transylvania, Romania. We discovered there a thousand-year-old craftsmanship, practiced from father to son and kept to be passed on from generation to generation. Today, Transylvania, is one of the few places in the world where black ceramics are produced, the firing process being the one that gives the final product color.


Transylvania Ceramics presented to tourists

In Transylvania, the pottery appeared around 1500 ac (although archaeologists have discovered pieces of pottery – scraps – dating from the Neolithic) as a necessity for people to store food in pots. Then, this craft also offered the possibility to obtain some important financial gains, the clay-fired ceramics having a great demand in the area. …

The Black ceramics of Transylvania – Dacian heritage

For lovers of history and beauty, pursuing this craft in time and space can be a tremendous preoccupation. Black ceramic is a testimony of the Dacian origins. It can be seen today only in pottery workshops in Transylvania, Romania, Europe. After modeling, the vessels follow their old road for thousands of years: they were once …