About Transylvania Pottery

Transylvania Pottery is already a well-known brand all over the world. In Transylvania, the beginning of pottery is set by historians around 1500. The pottery appeared as a necessity for people to store the obtained products. Fired clay pots have contributed to the development of primitive society through the possibility of storing food and preparing it. Imagine your kitchen or pantry without these everyday objects. By the nature of the geographical location, Transylvania is surrounded by forests, it has clayey soil and it is crossed by numerous rivers, these being the basic conditions for this craft where the clay, water and fire form a magical triangle. Before the communism’s persecution, in Bran area (a Transylvanian locality, well-known as Dracula’s town) were at least 60 pottery families, according to an old potter who has travel all over the world to present his handicraft.

During Communism, the possession of a potter’s wheel was considered a crime and many potters had to give up this craft or practice it secretly. Much later, the Communists attempted to exploit this craft for propaganda and attempted to re-launch it in a cooperative form, even trying to mechanize this exclusive handicraft by introducing the power-operated wheeled wheel and mechanical mixers. The pottery products presented by CB Trading preserves tradition, all production phases being manual.

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